Bumble Bee Mezuzah

Dazzling gold-plated bumblebees on silver-plated pewter-based mezuzah.

Bumble Bee Mezuzah

Delicate gold-plated bumblebees on black and pearl hand-painted pewter mezuzah.

Embassy Mezuzah

This fleur de lis designed pewter mezuzah is hand-painted with deep colored enamels and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Light-Green/Brass with Swarovski crystals. 

Married Mezuzah

Pewter based/ silver plated/ glass.After two people get married, they begin there life and start to build their own home together. The Married Mezuzah makes the perfect wedding gift. The Mezuzah comes with a glass insert, in which broken glass from the wedding day is placed. The new happy couple will place it on their door post, and be reminded everyday of their special day as they enter their new home.
2 colors
Color Options: Imperial Mezuzah Imperial Mezuzah

Imperial Mezuzah

Brown-Silver/Pewter with Swarovski crystals.

Flower Blossom Wedding Mezuzah

This beautiful hand crafted mezuzah will make a perfect wedding gift. Mezuzah includes a spot to put the glass shards from ones wedding.

Two Tone Pomegranate Mezuzah

This beautiful mezuzah will look great on any doorpost. Makes a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift!

Wedding Mezuzah

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