Bar Mitzvah

Textured Yad

This beautiful yad pointer is decorated with a gold pattern. Gold/Pewter.

Israel Museum Torah Pointer


Painted Bar Mitzvah Tzedakah Box

Handcrafted in pewter, this modern and stylishly designed hand-painted Tzedekah box will be just the right gift for a Bar Mitzvah boy.
2 colors
Color Options: Blue Star of David Kiddush Cup Gold Star of David Kiddush Cup

Blue Star of David Kiddush Cup

Resembling the Star of David, this strikingly designed and handcrafted silver and pewter Kiddush cup with matching tray is hand-painted in blue and ivory and decorated with a beaded edge.

Traditional Dreidel

The handcrafted Traditional Dreidel makes a great Hanukkah gift, especially for someone who collects dreidels. Hand-painted in blue and navy and embellished with Swarovski crystals. Silver/Pewter.

Blue Starlight Kiddush Cup

This beautifully designed and handcrafted Kiddush cup is hand-painted with rich blue enamel and adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals. A wonderful Bar Mitzvah gift too.

Tree of Life Tzedakah Box

This beautiful Tzedakah box portrays the Tree of Life under a scrolled archway. The Tree of Life is used as a symbol in many cultures, and especially in Judaism, to represent the livelihood of the spirit and how all forms of creation are connected. Teal-Silver/Pewter with Swarovski crystals. 
2 colors
Color Options: Wild Flower Tzedakah Box Wild Flower Tzedakah Box

Wild Flower Tzedakah Box

The wild flower Tzedakah box is stainless steel, with a Floral pewter base accent. Once Filled One Should Donate The Money To A Charity. A Tzedakah Box Makes A Wonderful Gift: It’s A Gift That Keeps Giving. gold/Pewter
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