The dreidel is a four sided spinning top, which is used for a gambling game during Hanukkah. On each side, a Hebrew letter is marked, The 4 Hebrew letters are: (Non), (Gimel), (Hey), (Shin). Based off what letter the spinner stops on, a different amount of “gelt” (money/ or chocolate) is gambled away, these letters are an acronym for (Nes Gadol Hayah Sham – "a great miracle happened there"). While playing dreidel, we remember the great miracle that happened to the Jews. 


Infinity Dreidel

To infinity and beyond! This gorgeously handcrafted and hand-painted dreidel is a perfect gift for Hanukkah and all dreidel collectors.

Lemon Dreidel

This adorable new lemon dreidel will make a perfect gift, great for collectors!
2 colors
Color Options: Bright Blue Roman Dreidel Aubergine Roman Dreidel

Bright Blue Roman Dreidel

Inspired by a roman synagogue, this beautifully handcrafted dreidel hand-painted in bright blue enamel takes on a regal look. Makes a great gift for any collectors!

Golden Beehive Dreidel

Gorgeously handcrafted and designed in pewter, this delightful golden beehive dreidel will be sure to add some sweetness at this years’ Hanukkah.

Carousel Dreidel

This unique carousel dreidel made from pewter and hand-painted rich enamel with metal accents and colored gemstones make it a truly memorable Hanukkah gift. Blue-White-Silver/Pewter. 
2 colors
Color Options: Pink Nursery Dreidel Blue Nursery Dreidel

Pink Nursery Dreidel

This baby toy inspired dreidel is charmingly handcrafted and hand-painted in rich enamel. A great Hanukkah gift for your child. Comes in boy and girl version. Pink-Silver/Pewter.
3 colors
Color Options: Blue Teddy Bear Dreidel Pink Teddy Bear Dreidel Multicolor Teddy Bear Dreidel

Multicolor Teddy Bear Dreidel

This charmingly handcrafted and hand-painted dreidel is a perfect Hanukkah gift for a little boy or girl. Available in blue, pink and multi-color. Multicolor-Gold/Pewter.
2 colors
Color Options: Pink Ballerina Dreidel Blue Ballerina Dreidel

Blue Ballerina Dreidel

This beautifully handcrafted dreidel resembling a ballerina is hand-painted with a blue enamel flowing dress and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Blue-Silver/Pewter and Swarovski crystals.
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