Hanukkah is an eight day long Jewish holiday where Jews commemorate the rededication of the Second Jewish Temple, after being taken away by force. As a result of victory, the Jews wanted to light the Menorah, but only had enough to last one day, however a miracle occurred and the menorah burned for 8 days. As a result each year we light 8 candles to honor the miracle that took place.


Hanukkah Tray

Unpainted Silver/Pewter  Hanukkah symbols on smoked glass. 
2 colors
Color Options: Silver Joyous Menorah Golden Joyous Menorah

Silver Joyous Menorah

Five separately handcrafted dancers make up this gorgeous menorah that will instantly bring joy into any home. Silver/Brushed Aluminum. 

Butterfly Menorah

This is the most gorgeous butterfly menorah you have ever seen!

Fleur-de-lis Two Tone Menorah

The menorah is used on the festival of Hannukah, where an additional candle is lit for each of its eight nights. The Fleur-de-lis menorah has flowers throughout, turning it into a true work of art. Pewter/Gold-Silver. 

Lemon Dreidel

This adorable new lemon dreidel will make a perfect gift, great for collectors!
2 colors
Color Options: Bright Blue Roman Dreidel Aubergine Roman Dreidel

Bright Blue Roman Dreidel

Inspired by a roman synagogue, this beautifully handcrafted dreidel hand-painted in bright blue enamel takes on a regal look. Makes a great gift for any collectors!

Cubed Menorah

Modern and unique are two words to describe this menorah. With each cube standing on its own - you decide how to display it.

Eden Menorah


Eden Menorah

The Eden Menorah is truly a piece of art. When each piece is intertwined together resembling the look of a chain and link you will create an utterly unique and modern menorah.
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