8 Styles for 8 Nights

Every year Jews celebrate the joyous occasion of Chanukah. Each night a candle is lit to commemorate the miracle in which a small amount of oil, enough for one night, lasted a whole 8 days. A menorah must have 9 slots for either candles or oils, and be in a straight line to be declared kosher. Although there are only 8 nights to light, the 9th one is raised and is used as the “leader” used to light the other candles. 

These requirements leave endless design opportunities for Menorahs. Quest Collection is proud to have over 50 menorahs, each created with a different look and style to fit a wide range of tastes and decors. Instead of being used once a year, then hidden away in a cabinet, our menorahs can display all year round as works of art. 

Which Quest Collection menorah best embodies your style?