Ornate Havdalah Set

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  • Havdalah is a special ceremony that takes place right after Shabbat ends, welcoming the new week with blessings and good wishes. It marks the separation between the sacred day of Shabbat and the rest of the week. This 4 piece, ornate Havdalah set includes everything you'll need to perform the ceremony and more! The kiddush cup has a painted blue hexagonal base, making it easy to hold and to match the green and blue gems crawling upwards. The matching candle holder and spice box are painted in the same blue, with pewter based designs along the edges. To keep everything safely together, this set comes with a hexagonal glass dish so no piece falls or ever goes missing.
Dimensions: Dia 9.50"
Pewter Plated Light Antique Silver, Mirror
Made in: USA
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