Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Blue

  • $205.00
  • Product Code: HAVC01J
  • Complete your havdalah set with this stylish and traditional goblet. Handcrafted from pewter and hand-painted in different shades of blue, this cup has eye-catching qualities. The bottom has intricate swirl designs with light blue Swarovski crystals encircling the base along with a beaded design. A stem connects the base and the cup, matching designs on both. Included is a stunning tray with petal-like edges to prevent any mess or spills.
Dimensions: H 5.50" Dia 3.50"
Pewter Plated Light Antique Silver
Made in: USA
Color Options:
Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Blue Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Pink
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