Tzefardeia Frog Seder Plate

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  • Product Code: SDR22C
  • Seder plates are traditionally used on the Jewish holiday of Passover to display symbolic foods that are eaten and discussed during the Seder. It is a time to reflect on the Jews' enslavement in Egypt, the plagues that occurred and their redemption. This Seder plate is appropriately named the Tzefardeia Seder plate, which translates to frogs, one of the plagues the Egyptians were cursed with. The circular glass plate is suspended from six pewter frogs that have Swarovski crystal embellishments! On top of the plate are six removable bowls in the shape of lily pads, to fill with the six designated foods.
Dimensions: H 1.25" Dia 15.25"
Pewter Plated Light Antique Silver, Glass
Made in: USA
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