Exodus Seder Plate - Blue

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  • Product Code: SDR02A
  • This exquisite Seder plate is made with clear glass and deeply colored enamel. The six removable bowls are a stunning blue, fading into an elegant cream in the center. Silver filigree designs decorate the bowls, matching the ones on the plate. Swarovski crystals decorate all of the pieces, giving that extra glimmer. The Seder plate is traditionally used on the Jewish holiday of Passover to display designated foods that are eaten and discussed during the Seder. These foods, such as the bitter herbs and charoset, represent the bitterness of the slavery in Egypt as well as the redemption with the egg and shank bone. Available in gold.
Dimensions: H 1.80" Dia 13.50"
Pewter Plated Light Antique Silver, Glass
Made in: USA
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Exodus Seder Plate - Blue Exodus Seder Plate - Gold
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