Keter Mezuzah

This pewter crown mezuzah is hand-painted with rich enamels and finished with a 24k gold plating and Swarovski crystals. Red-Gold/Pewter with Swarovski crystals.

Byzantine Mezuzah

Dusty Purple/Gold/Pewter.
3 colors
Color Options: Simple Scroll Mezuzah Simple Scroll Mezuzah Simple Scroll Mezuzah

Simple Scroll Mezuzah

This beautiful simple and elegant scroll mezuzah will look great on any door post. Makes a great housewarming gift!

Torah Mezuzah


Ancient Style Mezuzah

This Ancient styled and handcrafted mezuzah will be at home anywhere. A great gift choice too. 

Antiquity Mezuzah

Two Tone Silver-Gold/Pewter. 
2 colors
Color Options: Scroll Mezuzah Scroll Mezuzah

Scroll Mezuzah

Sand-Gold/Pewter.The Scroll Mezuzah is classically styled made from pewter. The Mezuzah replicates the scroll of the Torah, and will look great on the entrance to your study or library. Available in sand and blue

Flower Blossom Wedding Mezuzah

This beautiful hand crafted mezuzah will make a perfect wedding gift. Mezuzah includes a spot to put the glass shards from ones wedding.
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