Circles Mezuzah

Silver/pewter mezuzah hand-painted in blue with circles upon circles 

Golden Mezuzah

This simple and elegant golden mezuzah is so beautifully handcrafted and designed, it will add a special touch to the home.

Modern Mezuzah

Uniquely designed and handcrafted, this modern mezuzah is perfect for you and a great gift choice too.
2 colors
Color Options: Twirl Mezuzah Twirl Mezuzah

Twirl Mezuzah


Twirl Mezuzah

Lively hand-painted black and white mezuzah in gold/pewter.

Silver Bumble Bee And Goldstone Mezuzah

Handcrafted in pewter with a silver bumblebee and goldstone antique finish, this mezuzah is a perfect gift for all.
2 colors
Color Options: Pebbles Mezuzah Painted Pebbles Mezuzah

Painted Pebbles Mezuzah

Colorful hand-painted pebble inspired in gold/pewter.

Chimes Mezuzah

Swarovski crystals twinkly sparkles on this silver/pewter chime inspired mezuzah will be music to ones ears.

Sieve Mezuzah

Decorative and modern brass mezuzah
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