Seven Species Collection

Seven Species Matchbox Set

Featuring the seven species, this multi-coloured hand-painted and gorgeously handcrafted pewter matchbox set with Swarovski crystal detailing will make a fabulous gift.

Seven Species Wine Base

Handcrafted in pewter, this hand-painted multi-colour seven species wine base is adorned with Swarovski crystal detailing. A fabulous piece for the holiday table. 

Seven Species Knife

With a gorgeously hand-painted seven species handle bedecked with Swarovski crystals, this delightfully handcrafted pewter and stainless steel knife will look fabulous on the table. Hebrew engraving by request.

Seven Species Wine Stopper

Handcrafted in pewter, this multi-coloured hand-painted Seven Spices of Israel wine stopper is enriched with Swarovski crystals. A beautiful choice for a gift.

Seven Species Mezuzah

Multicolor-Yellow-Silver/Pewter with Swarovski crystals.

Seven Species Kiddush Cup

With gorgeously hand-painted fruits of the Seven Species, this uniquely designed silver- and gold-plated pewter Kiddush cup with sparkly Swarovski crystal detail is just what you need for the Shabbat table. 

Pomegranate Handled Glass Tray

This delightfully designed glass tray with gorgeously handcrafted and hand-painted pewter pomegranate and branch handles is a perfect choice for a dinner party.
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