Joyous Collection
2 colors
Color Options: Silver Joyous Menorah Golden Joyous Menorah

Silver Joyous Menorah

Five separately handcrafted dancers make up this gorgeous menorah that will instantly bring joy into any home. Silver/Brushed Aluminum. 

Joyous Tzedakah Box

Tzedakah is the practice of giving charity, one of the most fundamental aspects of Judaism. Once filled one should donate the money to a charity. The Joyous Tzedakah box has four “dancers” on each of its side. The dancers represent joy and happiness. The Joyous Tzedakah box makes a wonderful gift: it’s a gift that keeps giving. Gold-SilverPewter/Aluminum, 2 tone box.
2 colors
Color Options: Silver Joyous Kiddush Cup Gold Joyous Kiddush Cup

Gold Joyous Kiddush Cup

Inspired by Miriam, this simply gorgeously designed stainless steel Kiddush cup with gold-plated brushed aluminium base will look great on the Shabbat table. 

Joyous Cake Stand

This elegantly designed round glass cake tray is held up by 3 joyously handcrafted gold dancers just so perfectly it will bring joy every time it’s used. 
2 colors
Color Options: Gold Joyous Candle Holders Silver Joyous Candle Holders

Gold Joyous Candle Holders

Inspired by Miriam, these contemporary and joyfully designed gold-plated brushed aluminium candle holders will look just fabulous in any home. 

Joyous Seder Plate

Magnificently designed and handcrafted in pewter and glass, this beautiful Seder plate with 6 removable plates rests atop six joyous dancers. A great gift choice for that someone special.
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