Honeycomb Collection

Honeycomb Napkin Rings

Make the table even more delicious with these delectably handcrafted pewter napkin rings hand-painted to resemble honeycomb and finished with a tiny little hand-sculptured bee. Set of 4.

Honeycomb Beehive Pot

Adorably hand-painted to resemble delicious honeycomb, this delectably handcrafted pewter beehive pot set with a tiny charm-like buzzing bee is sure to create a buzz.

Honeycomb Spoon

Beautifully handcrafted and delectably designed, this pewter honeycomb spoon adorned with a little bee charm is a fabulous choice for desserts and of course honey too. 

Mini Honeycomb Beehive Set

This charmingly handcrafted set of four mini pewter beehive pots each with a tiny hand-sculpted bee is hand-painted to look like scrumptious honeycomb. Guaranteed to create a buzz at the table. 

Honeycomb Tray

Hand-painted to look just like honeycomb, this delectably designed and handcrafted pewter tray will surely create the buzz you are looking for.
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