Byzantine Collection
2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad Byzantine Yad

Byzantine Yad


Byzantine Yad

This beautiful yad pointer is decorated with a gold pattern. Gold/Pewter. 

Byzantine Mezuzah

Dusty Purple/Gold/Pewter.
3 colors
Color Options: Gold Byzantine Knife Purple Byzantine Knife Silver Byzantine Knife

Gold Byzantine Knife

Part of the Byzantine collection, this gorgeously handcrafted gold handled pewter and stainless steel knife will look fabulous on the table. Hebrew engraving by request.

Byzantine Napkin Rings

These strikingly handcrafted gold-plated brass napkin rings, reminiscent of Byzantine design, will be just fabulous at that next dinner party. Set of 4.
2 colors
Color Options: Gold Byzantine Matchbox Set Silver Byzantine Matchbox Set

Silver Byzantine Matchbox Set

Part of the Byzantine Collection, this gorgeously designed and handcrafted silver and pewter matchbox set will make a great gift.

Byzantine Menorah

The Byzantine Menorah has a unique yet simple design allowing it to look great in any home.  Gold/Pewter.

Byzantine Candle Holders

Inspired by Byzantine times, these intricately designed and gold-plated pewter candle holders are hand-painted with purple hues  - just perfect for all occasions. A non-painted variant is available too.

Byzantine Handled Tray

This exquisitely designed and handcrafted glass tray with Byzantine-style gold pewter handles will be just the perfect gift. 
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