Hanukkah is celebrated by the Jews for 8 nights. Each night a candle, or oil is lit on a menorah to commemorate the miracle in which one day of oil lasted 8 nights. Quest has a large range of hand crafted menorahs that will fit anyone's style.

2 colors
Color Options: Silver Joyous Menorah Golden Joyous Menorah

Silver Joyous Menorah

Five separately handcrafted dancers make up this gorgeous menorah that will instantly bring joy into any home. Silver/Brushed Aluminum. 

Fleur-de-lis Two Tone Menorah

The menorah is used on the festival of Hannukah, where an additional candle is lit for each of its eight nights. The Fleur-de-lis menorah has flowers throughout, turning it into a true work of art. Pewter/Gold-Silver. 

Butterfly Menorah

This is the most gorgeous butterfly menorah you have ever seen!

Cubed Menorah

Modern and unique are two words to describe this menorah. With each cube standing on its own - you decide how to display it.

Eden Menorah


Eden Menorah

The Eden Menorah is truly a piece of art. When each piece is intertwined together resembling the look of a chain and link you will create an utterly unique and modern menorah.

Ripple Menorah

Inspired a rippling river, this gorgeously handcrafted menorah is a show-stopping piece. Aluminum with wood base.

Industrial Chic Menorah

This menorah is a one-of-a-kind piece. Modern, yet industrial, it can be used for the holiday of Hanukkah, or as a centerpiece throughout the year. 

Tree of Life Menorah

This stunningly handcrafted menorah inspired by the tree of life is a show-stopping piece. Brass/Black marble base and laser cut detail.
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