Teddy Bear Dreidel - Blue

  • $100.00
  • Product Code: DRD13A
  • You won't find a cuter dreidel than this one. With four teddy bears on each end, it looks as if they are dancing together in a circle when it is spun. When standing still, they appear to be playing on a seesaw! Each bear is hand-painted a light blue while the crisscross they sit on is a dark blue with silver accents. This makes a great gift for a bris or bar mitzvah, but is available in different paint options to make it better suited for other occasions.
Dimensions: H 3.50" W 2" L 2.40"
Light Antique Silver Plated Pewter, Hand-Painted
Made in: USA
Color Options:
Teddy Bear Dreidel - Blue Teddy Bear Dreidel - Multicolored Teddy Bear Dreidel - Pink
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