Ring Jewelry Holder - Green

  • $50.00
  • Product Code: RH01N
  • Always misplacing your rings when you need to take them off? This is the perfect solution! Stunningly handcrafted from pewter, this ring holder is in the shape of a flower. It is hand painted in a vibrant lime green with a beaded design and Swarovski crystals resting lightly on one of the petals. A stem grows from the center with a silver vine wrapping all around it, creating a great spot to place all of your rings. This is perfect to keep by your kitchen sink, nightstand or even bathroom!
Dimensions: H 3.75" Dia 2.75"
Pewter Plated Light Antique Silver
Made in: USA
Color Options:
Ring Jewelry Holder - Green Ring Jewelry Holder - Purple Ring Jewelry Holder - Fuchsia
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