Small Aluminum Stingray

Handcrafted in aluminium, this versatile and elegantly designed small stingray platter will look just fabulous anywhere.

Large Aluminum Stingray

Elegantly designed and handcrafted, this large aluminium stingray platter is so versatile, it will look just fabulous anywhere.

Medium Aluminum Stingray

This medium sized stingray platter is elegantly designed and handcrafted in aluminium. It is so versatile, it will look just fabulous anywhere.

Cycad Trees Paperweight

Handcrafted in pewter, this exquisitely designed cycad tree inspired paperweight is a great gift choice.

Desert Cacti Paperweight

This intricately detailed and handcrafted pewter paperweight inspired by desert cacti, will make a fabulous gift for that someone special.

Silver Yogi Paper Weight

Gorgeously designed in polished aluminium, this fabulously crafted Yogi - meaning “one who is awake” should grace every home and is just the right choice for a gift.

Ornamental Stingray

Handcrafted in aluminium this beautifully designed stingray ornament will look just marvellous on the table.  Will make a fabulous gift too.
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