Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup - Silver

  • $255.00
  • Product Code: KDC43A
  • Allies of the LGBTQ+ community, Quest Collection has created this unique Kiddush cup, perfect as a gift for two women getting married. Never before available, the stem of this handcrafted, silver plated cup, are two women standing together, facing one another. Intricate details decorate both women, such as ruffles on the end of the dress and a matching flower crown in her hair. The trim of the Kiddush cup matches the ruffles, stunningly tying everything together. Pewter based, custom, and painted options are available.
Dimensions: H 9.50" Dia 2.75"
Light Antique Silver Plated Pewter, Stainless Steel
Made in: USA
Color Options:
Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup - Silver Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup
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