Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup

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  • Allies of the LGBTQ+ community, Quest Collection has created this unique Kiddush cup, perfect as a gift for two women getting married. Never before available, the stem of this handcrafted and hand-painted cup are two women standing together, facing one another. One wears a light pink suit with matching heels, the other a gorgeous white wedding dress. Intricate details decorate both women, such as ruffles on the end of the dress and a matching flower crown in her hair. The trim of the Kiddush cup matches the ruffles, stunningly tying everything together. Pewter based, custom options are available.
Dimensions: H 9.50" Dia 2.75"
Light Antique Silver Plated Pewter, Stainless Steel, Hand-Painted
Made in: USA
Color Options:
Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup - Silver
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