Home Blessing Hamsa

This hamsa plaque has seven blessings inscribed on it. A hamsa is used to symbolize a defense against the "evil eye". Silver/Pewter.

Home Blessing

Home blessing hanging charm. Blue-Silver/Pewter with Swarovski crystal.

Pomegranate House Blessing Plaque

This hand painted pomegranate plaque includes the blessing of home. Makes a wonderful hostess gifts. Aluminum/Gold-Red. 

White and Gold Bridal Candle Sticks

These beautiful candle sticks make a wonderful wedding gift for a new bride. Handcrafted in the U.S, these candle sticks are pewter based, and plated in gold. 

White and Gold Bridal Kiddush Cup

The white and gold bridal kiddush cup is a beautiful piece. It's hand painted in a white french vanilla color, and contains swarovski crystals throughout its base.If your looking for that special piece to give to a newly married couple, this kiddush cup makes a great gift!

Wild Flower Towel holder

Elegantly designed and handcrafted, this towel holder with stylish wild flower detail will be a great addition to any home.    
2 colors
Color Options: Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup

Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup

The grooms kiddush cup depicts the beauty of love. This hand painted and hand sculpted kiddush cup is truly a work of art.
3 colors
Color Options: Wedding Kiddush Cup Silver Wedding Kiddush Cup Bridal Wedding Kiddush Cup

Wedding Kiddush Cup

Depicting the union of a bride and groom, this gorgeously hand-painted and handcrafted pewter Kiddush cup with Swarovski crystal detailing, is that one-a-kind piece that will make an everlasting impression.
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