Home Blessing Hamsa

This hamsa plaque has seven blessings inscribed on it. A hamsa is used to symbolize a defense against the "evil eye". Silver/Pewter.
2 colors
Color Options: Gold Textured Vase Hand-Painted Textured Vase

Hand-Painted Textured Vase

This beautifully handcrafted and superbly hand-painted textured vase is sure to make a lasting impression in the home. Makes a great gift too.

Fruit & Flower Spoon Set

Gorgeously handcrafted in pewter, this adorable set of colourfully hand-painted fruit and flower spoon set (4) will look just fabulous - whether its dessert or teatime. 

Cycad Trees Paperweight

Handcrafted in pewter, this exquisitely designed cycad tree inspired paperweight is a great gift choice.
2 colors
Color Options: Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup

Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup

The grooms kiddush cup depicts the beauty of love. This hand painted and hand sculpted kiddush cup is truly a work of art.

Passover Coconut Spice Bowl

This adorable modern spice bowl and spoon is made out of an actual coconut. Placed on top is a handcrafted mini seder plate. This bowl is perfect for charosets!

Medium Aluminum Stingray

This medium sized stingray platter is elegantly designed and handcrafted in aluminium. It is so versatile, it will look just fabulous anywhere.

Flower Oval Box

Flower Oval Box Beige with Gold Plating.
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