Bring spring into your home with Quest Collection’s Lotus inspired dishes. Handcrafted and hand-painted in vibrant, richly colored enamels, the Lotus Collection has various platters, bowls, serving sets and utensils that are perfect for serving dips, appetizers, and main course dishes!



Lotus Honey Dish Set Product Code: HNSET39C

2 colors
Color Options: Multi-Color Lotus Seder Plate / Platter Lotus Seder Plate / Platter

Multi-Color Lotus Seder Plate / Platter Product Code: SDR10ASST


Frog Lotus Platter - Medium Product Code: PL03B


Frog Lotus Platter - Large Product Code: PL04B


Coral Lotus Bowl Product Code: CND23A


Lotus Leaf Cake Server Product Code: CKN14A


Lily Pad Platter & Bowls Product Code: SDR12A

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