Mulberry Rounded Wooden Tray

This beautiful piece is truly a one a kind work of nature. Made from an all natural teak wood, this tray works great as a challah board or fruit tray. Please note given the all natural wood, each piece will have a slight variation. 

Lapis Lazuli Tray

This extraordinary lapis lazuli – a deep blue colored semi precious stone that’s been prized since antiquity – handcrafted tray with gold aluminum handles, will be a spectacular addition/gift for any home. 

Ocean Blue Platter

The Ocean Blue Platter is perfect for cookies, cakes, and all other kinds of desserts. It makes a great hostess gift. 
Sale -30%

Woven Wood Cake Tray

$43.37 $61.95
Sale -30%

Woven Wood Cake Tray

$43.37 $61.95
This cake tray is made out of wood, and is enhanced with a gold woven trim. The golden finish gives this piece a regal look. PLEASE NOTE ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON DISCOUNTED MERCHANDISE; NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE HONORED ON THESE ITEMS

Wooden Leaf Tray

This multipurpose wooden rectangular tray can also double as a challah board. It has  handcrafted leaf detailing on both of its sides. It will make a perfect addition to any home and a great gift too.
2 colors
Color Options: Pomegranate Silver Accent Challah Board Pomegranate Gold Accent Challah Board

Pomegranate Silver Accent Challah Board

This versatile wooden challah board is wonderfully designed and handcrafted with a silver pomegranate-inspired edge. 

Agate & Branch Tray

A one-of-a-kind tray handcrafted in white agate and finished with branch-like pewter handles. Will look perfect with anything you can even use as a challah board.

Lapis Cake Stand

Make a statement with this unusually designed and handcrafted lapis lazuli and sheet brass cake stand.
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