Silver Coral Salad Servers

Serve up in style with these strikingly designed and handcrafted silver coral-inspired pewter salad servers. Will make a perfect gift too.

Eve Salad Servers

Exquisitely crafted with Eve-inspired handles, these stunningly designed salad servers are handcrafted in brass and stainless steel. The perfect serving choice.

Wavy Gold & Silver Salad Servers

Handcrafted gold and silver aluminium, these strikingly designed salad servers will entice your guests to want more and more!
4 colors
Color Options: Silver Lily Pad Salad Servers Green Lily Pad Salad Servers Fuchsia Lily Pad Salad Servers Purple Lily Pad Salad Servers

Purple Lily Pad Salad Servers

Vibrantly hand-painted and exquisitely handcrafted, these polished aluminium purple lily pad salad servers will add just the right dash of colour to any salad. 

Wood Salad Server Set

Made from Teak Wood.

Knotted Salad Servers

Gold knotted salad servers. 2 piece set

Salad Scissor Tongs

Elegantly designed and crafted in nickel-plated brass, these salad tongs are a must for any home.  

Chevron Salad Servers

Dish up with confidence with these exquisite salad servers with handcrafted gold chevron handles. A great gift for that someone special too.
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