Say “Cheers!” with unique bar & wine accessories from Quest Collection. Everyone knows wine and cheese go together perfectly, so let Quest Collection’s array of all-natural cheese boards and unique cheese cutting sets elevate every occasion. Fill condiment bowls with nuts, chutney, mustard, or pretzels to complete the setting. After the toast, top the bottle with a hand-painted wine stopper – a sure conversation starter!

Bar & Wine


Fins and Scales Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND33B


Rock Crystal King Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND30B


Linking Ring Server Set Product Code: SVRSET09B


Rock Crystal Queen Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND31B


Tiger Lily Cheese Server Set Product Code: SVRSET08B


Rose Quartz & Pearls Condiment Bowl  Product Code: CND32B


Black Granite Cheese Board Product Code: CHB12B


Molten Edge Oval Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND15A


Black Handle Spreader Set Product Code: SPR07A

3 colors
Color Options: Hibiscus Flower Wine Stopper - Purple Hibiscus Flower Wine Stopper - Red Hibiscus Flower Wine Stopper - Orange

Hibiscus Flower Wine Stopper - Purple Product Code: WS26D


Butterfly Challah Bread Board Product Code: CHBTW116A


Teak Wood Flower Salt Cellar Product Code: CNDW17B


Seven Species Pomegranate Honey Dish Product Code: HNSET10C


Saturn Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND18A

2 colors
Color Options: Condiment Wood Bowl with Flower Decal - Small Tropical Wooden Flower Condiment Bowl - Small

Condiment Wood Bowl with Flower Decal - Small Product Code: CND19A


Leaf Condiment Set Product Code: CNDSET17


Round Wooden Challah Bread Cutting Board Product Code: CHBTW03B


Lattice Spreader Set Product Code: SPR08B


Hand Ice Tongs Product Code: IT05B


Lava Coasters Product Code: C5B


Pyramidal Cheese Set Product Code: SVRSET07B


Cheese Board with Flamingos Product Code: CHBTW115B

2 colors
Color Options: Modern Salt Dish with Spoon - Bridal White Modern Salt Dish with Spoon - Charcoal

Modern Salt Dish with Spoon - Bridal White Product Code: DSH35B


Agate Cheese Set - Brown Product Code: SVRSET06


Humming Bird Teak Wood Salt Cellar Product Code: CNDW16B


Coconut Bowl Product Code: CNDW13


Modern Wine Base Product Code: WB09A


Geometric Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND17A


Wildflower Cheese Set Product Code: SVRSET03A


Mini Gold Apple Bowl with Spoon Product Code: DSH33B


Mulberry Flower Cheese Board Product Code: CHBTW109A


3 Condiment Bowl Set with Tray Product Code: CNDSET09/TRAY43

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